Fall 07 Couture I

1. Chanel:

Absolutely breathtaking dress that's surely light as a feather. I'll admit I wasn't particularly blown away by this collection, but I thought this dress definitely made the cut!

2. Jean Paul Gaultier:

Even though this is not revealing at all, there's something very sexy about the fluid lines and fabric. Not too mention the instant va-va-voom from that bold red color. Somehow I can see Cate Blanchett wearing this to a premiere, sans red gloves of course. She is so wonderful and could definitely wear this with the attitude it deserves.

3. Christian Dior:
Of course the collection was genius, I mean, it's to be expected. Even though I admit that after last season's magnificent clothes I didn't think he would top himself once again.

If I was getting married, this is what I'd wear. It is SO over-the-top and gorgeous!!! (With different makeup and shoes, though).

Or maybe I'd wear this? It's not that I'm in any rush to get married or anything, I just can't imagine where else one would wear such lavish clothes! This gown is a total princess gown, like I imagined when I was little. So Magical!

4. Givenchy:

There was something oddly futuristic yet completely organic about this collection that just drew me like a moth to flame. It's kinda weird and maybe even ugly, But I'm completely sold. The first look would SERIOUSLY look great in my closet (though I'm not a big fan of the shoes).

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ModusVivendi said...

can I ask what was this collection?