The Scent

I am really into signatures. Not the kind that go at the bottom of your monthly rent check, no, but the pieces that identify you and become a part of you as time passes. This all started in January of last year, I decided that I wanted to purchase a pair of nice earrings, and found a great pair at the Chanel in Neiman Marcus at King of Prussia. They were small, and a had a dangling Eiffel tower from white lacquered double C's. They were perfect and reminded me of my dream to move to Paris one of these days. Well, those are gone, and now in their place are another pair of gold Chanel earrings with cute little shoes and dangling C's. I also wear my class ring all the time, not necessarily because of school spirit, but because after wearing it my entire senior year, I feel absolutely naked without it.

So with this in mind, I decided this year I would buy a nice womanly perfume that was to become my signature scent. A couple trips to Sephora yielded some very good contenders; Hermes' Caleche, because my mom said she used to wear it when she was little and when I smelled it it reminded me of my youth (I say that like I'm so old now, but it was just this wonderful feeling of being carefree and running in the bright sunlight when I smelled it). The other contender was Stella McCartney's Peony from her In Two collection. It was girly, light and fabulous.

I went back to Sephora this week to make my purchase, but when I smelled them again, they didn't make as much sense as they did when I first tried them. I recently broke up with my boyfriend and have slowly been making myself over. First, I dyed my hair black, which changed the entire way my face looks, everyone says I look older, and when I look in the mirror, I feel slightly more sophisticated than before. I decided that my new scent should reflect this, I wanted something sexy, but soft and maybe a little floral. Then it dawned on me, Tom Ford's new fragrance was exactly what I needed (because who wouldn't want to smell the way Tom Ford likes it?) I tried it, and to my surprise it was very light and not as musky as I had expected and it's even a little bit sweet. I purchased it a couple hours later (you can't rush a fragrance purchase!), and promptly put it on when I got home and made my (male) roommate give me his opinion. He thought it was great, later on that night, I went out with my friends and upon meeting her boyfriend's boss with a kiss on the cheek, he pulled me back and said "Oh my god! You smell so great!"

Mission Accomplished.

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She is a goddess