Vogue August 2007

So this is a new thing I'm trying it out, where I'll just break down a magazine's content every month, a Critique if you will.

Cover: Although I was hoping they would keep using models on their cover, I still like it. If only because it's been such a long time since anyone's heard from her, so it didn't feel like ANOTHER actress who's been on the cover of every other magazine in the past months. Her Marc Jacobs dress looks really great, and I love the wildflower-filled nature setting.

Front of Book: The excerpt from Alek Wek's memoir was really fascinating, and I will most certainly pick it up next time I'm at the bookstore. I've been reading a few fashion biographies in the past months (first Diana Vreeland, and then Helmut Newton, and they were both fantastically thrilling to read).

There was only one page of Talking Fashion, which I find a little disappointing. I mean, I know that we can see all the fabulous dresses from style.com, but still. I'm used to it! Also, where did the It girl of the month go?

Middle of Book: The article on Thom Browne's line for Brooks Brothers was great, but I was definitely surprised to see how expensive his line was. Also, I feel like I've already seen an article about him illustrated by girls (it may have been boys before) caught in mid-jump.

I love when Vogue does the Age Issue, if anything because I love seeing women breaking down the basics and constants in their wardrobe. I can rarely identify with what the 20somethings are wearing, and I'm always more into the 30s and 40s. 50 something Georgina Brandolini was definitely the most fabulous of the pack, along with 30 something Sang A, who's wearing a really gorgeous Lanvin dress in her picture that I hope H&M somehow copies, so I can add it to my wardrobe. The article with all the young girls wasn't as good as it could've been. They had all the components and a semi-decent idea for the article, but somewhere along the line, it all fell down. I'm not sure I learned anything from the privileged young ladies who think Prada is for more womanly/worldly women (they're right).

Back of Book: Oh.My.God. The first fashion spread was made exclusively for me. They should've just named it "Geometric Sleep". Amber looked amazing as always, and the set design was so cool, it inevitably started to make me think about decorating my new apartment. The clothes were absolutely fabulous and I'm sweating over the Prada wool shift dress with the hip volume, and the beautiful Miu Miu wool suit with the most secretly sexy skirt ever. Also; must buy bright leather gloves for fall.

The article on Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's assistant was one of my favorites. Here's a woman who is doing marvelously well for herself at her 30s (which is when I've decided my life needs to be in order, all my goals are to be reached by the time I'm 33. Not the life goals, but the foot-in-the-door-immediate ones). I found myself strangely inspired by her. The one on physicist Lisa Randall was great. I am so jealous of her and all her knowledge, I would love to just have lunch with her and hear her talk about all her theories. I find everything so fascinating, and I have to give props to her because she looked STUNNING in that De la Renta suit. Susan Train's piece was great as well, I love reading about all these ladies who had fashion jobs in the 50's and 60's. Their lives are usually so magical, and it seemed like she still has all that magic, and all the panache that comes from being a lady still mattered.

Jeffrey Steingarten can still do no wrong in my eyes. I also really want to read his book The Man Who Ate Everything. Maybe after I'm done reading Love in the time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

I don't think Chanel Iman looks old enough to be gracing the pages of Vogue. She needs a year or two more to look like a woman, and those See by Chloe jeans she wears are absolutely hideous. I blame the pocket placing. I did love the backstage photographs, especially the one from Valentino, where all the women look delightfully Newton-esque.

Coco Rocha's shoot was great as well. It was weird that they had the type interact with the image the way that they did, since Vogue usually shows a more conservative approach when placing titles in shoots. Coco looks great in all the pictures, the lighting is magnificent and it makes me wish I could've been there when the shoot take place. I also adore all the shoes shown; the Marc Jacobs high-heeled oxfords and the Miu Miu patent leather spectator pumps need to make it into my closet one way or another.

This was a good issue overall, tons of reading material, the best tease of the beautiful fall clothes and accessories to come and at least one showing of a feminine flower-print dress with a pair of Dr Martens, which means I must be on the right track for bringing Kinderwhore back.


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WendyB said...

I agree about Chanel Iman. She's gorgeous but really looks like a baby!