Bazaar September 2007

Cover: Kate Hudson looking the same way that women do in every cover, which isn’t a bad thing at all. I think it’s great that they have a very defined aesthetic for their covers (which more often than not feature super happy women, and I think this is cool). And I quite like when they put all their headlines in the bottom center because it feels like the cover can breathe unlike with other magazines (Elle, I’m looking at you on this one).

Front of Book: I believe they recently redesigned the magazine, and I must say that the Editor’s Letter looks particularly appealing. The large lower case “a” paired with the lone figure from the Proenza Schouler show make the eye flow very easily throughout the page.

I have been loving their anniversary pages, chronicling the different editorial phases through the years. I was supposed to tear them all out and keep them but now I’m afraid I threw all the magazines out when I was moving :(, although I’m sure they have a book coming out that goes much more in depth with it, and if they don’t then they should because I would buy it. And the Avedon years seem more fantastic than anything I could imagine and I would give anything to have been at that office and seen the interactions between Art Director Alexey Brodovitch and Richard Avedon. I hope that I get to be Art Director of a magazine some day soon and I can create fantasies as amazing as the ones they did.

I really enjoy “Hottest, Newest, Latest”; but, can we talk about that LA Socialite that has her own Hermes bag? How did this happen? I have NEVER seen her picture in any magazine, and I didn’t even recognize her name. Not that I am some kind of socialite obsessed person, but when you’ve been reading Vogue and other fashion magazines for more than 10 years, you just learn faces and names and I am completely clueless about this person. I am not comfortable with this, it makes me worry that now Hermes will go down the drain in some kind of Rachel Zoe/LA celebrity bust. Let’s not do this anymore ok?

I love how they broke down the “Smart Shopping” section by color combinations, the Fuchsia and Purple page totally reminded me of my mom who used to wear these colors ALL THE TIME in the 80’s (also orange), I bet she wished she would’ve kept all of those clothes now!
I am also really loving the Black and Navy combination these days, I was outside my store a few weeks ago and overheard a couple of women completely freak out as another woman walked by wearing a navy top with black trousers (granted, she didn’t look very good, but it wasn’t because of the color combination). I think Black and Navy looks so sophisticated and is a much better option than wearing head to toe black. Can we talk about that gorgeous Miu Miu bracelet featured in the “Black and Crystal” page? It’s absolutely stunning! How amazing would that look over long leather gloves and a 3/4 sleeve length coat? Please someone send that to me, my birthday was in August, but I’ll accept belated birthday presents.

In terms of accessibility I think Bazaar does a great job every month in breaking down trends each month and showing people how to incorporate them in real life (actually, I think they’re the only ones that do this, so by default they are the best and this is one of the reasons why I buy the magazine every month). Here are their 10 key pieces for fall:
1. A cape: I agree with this, although I don’t really remember seeing many capes in the runways (apart from the fabulous Jil Sander one that they show in the article). I really love capes, but they are very difficult to wear because you really have to plan your whole outfit so that you don’t look like a lost superhero. I found a gorgeous black and wide tweed one at a thrift store about 4 years ago and although I immediately fell in love with it, I’ve only worn it a handful of times since then. Why? Because if I wear boots with it, I look like Robin Hood, I can’t really carry a bag over my shoulder with it, and if I carry it under the cape then I look like I have some gross deformity. Also, you really have to think about the toe shape of the shoe you’re wearing to avoid looking like you’re going to a costume party. But I still love capes and acquired a beautiful mint green short cape from Tibi (where I work) that I absolutely cannot wait to wear.
2. Evening pieces with metallic sequins: Sure, there ain’t nothing groundbreaking about this one.
3. Pencil skirt: A must-have in every woman’s wardrobe regardless of season, if you ask me.
4. Super wide belt: To tell you the truth, I am absolutely afraid of what advice like this will do to some women (you know, the kind that pick up trends regardless of how stupid they look wearing them). That Burberry Prorsum belt they show in the article is great on the model, but I really cannot see people wearing that in real life. Please ladies, proceed with caution on this one, and feel free to wear your waist belts from previous seasons, you’ll be much better off.
5. Large patent leather bag: I haven’t seen any of these this season to really convince me that this is a “key piece”.
6. Trousers: Absolutely. I would say invest in a wide leg rather than a slim leg if you have to pick between the two. This season is all about grown-up lady glamour and nothing feels more sophisticated than wearing a great pair of wide leg pants and a killer shoes. Stay away from bell bottoms though, we haven’t gone back to that yet.
7. Tunics: This is a great way to wear some of your short dresses from previous seasons, although you should really stay away from wearing short baby-doll dresses because they’ll definitely look outdated. This season isn’t about little girls playing dress up, stick with structured and slight a-line shapes.
8. Knitted or textured jacket: Sure, why not?
9. Turtlenecks: I don’t like turtlenecks, but if you do knock yourself out.
10. Hats: I love hats, so I am absolutely thrilled about this one. You can go to Marc Jacobs or Proenza Schouler and spend a lot of money on them (and surely it’d be worth it), or you can just go to the thrift store and get them there.

I am all about blouses this season, as well. Why? Because a great blouse + a great trouser = instant lady glamour. Oh how I wish I could afford that beautiful Lanvin one. As for coats, I think you should get a great one every winter, that way as time passes you easily build a beautiful coat wardrobe. For this fall I have a very beautiful and feminine polka dot coat with a slight ruffle collar.

140 Best Accessories? OH MY! Bazaar must really love me! They really do feature everything in this section. It made me oh so happy and will serve as great reference later on.

Middle of Book: They usually do a great job with interesting articles written by a mix of celebrities and writers. I think this is the second time that Ashton Kutcher writes a piece for the magazine, and I have to say that I really do hope he writes them himself because I really love the way he writes and the pieces are always very funny and witty.
Their “Quick and Easy Styling Tips” and “Buy, Keep, Store” are usually right on point, though for this season I must say that a) I’m not ready for the return of the pointy stiletto (reads as cheap to me) and b) Gauchos should've never been in in the first place as they are flattering on a minuscule amount of women, who I’ve actually never seen in real life.

Everyone’s a Fashion Critic? HAHAHA. YOU BET!

I love sections when they break down what people are buying and what their trademarks are , etc. In fact, I often do this in my head for fun when I shop (yes I’m a nerd). The only weird thing was seeing Lily Allen featured after I had just read a quote from her talking about how fashion magazines suck. Lily, don't bite the hand that feeds you ok? I know you like wearing Prada!

Fabulous at Every Age is one of my favorite sections in the magazine, although I always like what they pick for the 30-somethings rather than the 20-somethings (I’m 23). Maybe it’s because they featured Charlotte Gainsbourg who I’m absolutely obsessed with. And can someone please tell what girl in her 20s is spending 3 grand on a Goyard bag? Please, take that money and spend it on something bright and fun. Leave those Goyard bags to the old ladies who need a status symbol.

How cute are those YSL compacts featured in the beauty section? At $57 dollars they are actually affordable, but I doubt anyone would want to actually wear the makeup and ruin the inside!

Ok, so Bazaar features their “Eating Diaries” every couple of issues, I think, and can I just say that I absolutely HATE this section? I mean they always pick women who eat very, very healthy and exercise often as part of a routine, but no matter what they do, they always have a stupid “Expert” that comes in and tells them to exercise more or cut out the little bit of bread or the one portion of candy they eat a day. I find this extremely discouraging for women everywhere, like it’s never, ever enough. My daily eating habits would never ever past this test, though.

The “Yummy Mummies” article was gross. First of all Yummy Mummies? Really? You are actually naming your article in a Women’s magazine something that lame? The choice of opening photograph was also very poor, I get that Lucy Sykes Rellie is a “fabulous” woman, but she just looks weird, fully decked out in a sexy dress and diamonds while her baby slumps away in the corner and her half-naked husband looks at her from the corner of the bed. Also, these women have Nannies (not that there’s anything wrong with that), so I really have trouble thinking that they are amazing because they have babies and go out all the time wearing fancy dresses. I’m sorry, no sympathy here. And I also feel like all the photographs they picked for the inside of the article should’ve been in the style of the one with Amanda Brooks (when did she drop the other last name?) and her son. Otherwise, I just see pictures of moms who go out all the time and leave their kids at home with the nanny.

Fashion Features: They absolutely outdid themselves this issue. Everything was absolutely wonderful!
“The New Shapes”, shot by Camilla Akrans, was one of my favorites (although the concept is very similar to the “geometric(sleep)” one featured in Vogue last month). The photographs were really amazing and I especially loved that beautifully blue sky. The picture of Angela Lindvall in the Proenza Schouler coat and running shorts is one of my favorites (because it seems totally ridiculous to wear such a warm,wooly coat when it’s so sunny outside). But that Nina Ricci gown at the end of the spread looks amazing next to that yellow sphere and that wonderful natural lighting. Seriously amazing. I hope to see more of her work.

The photographs for Kate Hudson’s article were also great, although what I loved best was the styling (especially the great hats and headpieces she wears). Although to tell the truth, next time I see a shoot with Kate, I want them to make it somber and serious. Yes, she is bubbly and happy, I get it, but I just want to see something different from her.

“Perfect New Pants”, photographed by Solve Sundsbo, was really great too. The lighting and the concept were really great, but I wish they would’ve picked another model, Natasha Poly is pretty, but she isn’t very versatile and she just had the same face in pretty much every shot. My favorite is the shot of her in the Gucci suit and YSL shoes sitting on top of the lamp. The lighting is fantastic.

I was so surprised and excited to see Courtney Love in the magazine! And shot by Karl Lagerfeld? How fabulous! The opening photograph is so classic Courtney (or at least, the way I remember her before she uh, went a little crazy in the last few years). Those flat mary-janes are fab and the photo of her kissing Karl is so cute, I might just frame it.

I swear this issue of Bazaar was made just for me. A fashion shoot inspired by the Bauhaus movement? Holy Shit! “What’s Modern Now” by Peter Lindbergh is just too cool. The set design is amazing and Coco Rocha definitely portrays the right attitude. The opening spread is amazing, I love the geometric shapes and the way her red hat just perfectly complements them. If in the next two issues they do a Futurist and a Dada inspired shoot, I’m just gonna have to go over to their offices and bother them until they give me a job, even if it’s just cleaning floors.

The Marc Jacobs article was nice but what I really loved were the photographs by Jean-Paul Goode. They were witty and fun and full of energy. Although I am still on the fence about this “new” Marc (sure, I don’t know him personally, but I feel like ever since he started dating that dude and got a makeover his attitude has changed and he’s lost what made him so unique. I liked him in converse and geek glasses, now he has an M&M tattoo and I don’t know what to do with him anymore). Sorry for the tangent.

“Coming Next”, photographed by Glen Luchford, was another wonderful spread. It was sexy, mysterious and filled with covetable clothes. Hilary Rhoda really deserves all the praise she gets, because she can go from All-American at the Estee Lauder ads, to sultry and seductive. The photograph of her in the Comme des Garcons jacket and hat is absolutely beautiful and suitable for blowing-up, framing and hanging up in any fashionable wall.

Can you believe there is still more fashion spreads in this magazine? “What’s Chic Now” photographed by Greg Kadel, was also fantastic. The second photograph of model Maryna Linchuk in the Marc Jacobs hat an accessories is great, I love the contrast of the bright accessories with the beige top. Actually, that’s a great fashion tip right there, the best way to wear super bright colors and neons is with khaki. It looks fresh and not crazy (when I was in 7th grade my favorite outfit was an acid green polyester short sleeve button down with oversized khakis and sandals, I always felt like the hippest kid when I wore it).

I love Alber Elbaz. I really do. He seems like the most delightful, sweet, down to earth guy. The interview only reinforced my opinion of him. I am going to see him speak in October and I cannot wait.

And then, when I can’t think of anything else I would want in a magazine, what do I see? An interview with Proenza Schouler. Seriously. I still think that this issue was made just for me. The clothes were absolutely great, they featured all my favorite designers and even poked fun at a certain rehab-hopping celeb (“They Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab” was absolutely hilarious, leave it to Mary Alice Stephenson and Chloe Sevigny to create something so, so hilarious). I have to say, without a doubt, that the prize for best Fall Fashion Issue goes to Bazaar. I hope they keep up the good work.

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