Elle September 2007

Cover: Lindsay Lohan looking as tan and fake as she always does. This is the first issue featuring their big redesign, but the cover looks like it always does, with tons of copy all over the place. The fact that Lohan's eyes kinda match the dress she's wearing is kinda creepy.

Inside: Inevitably when a magazine is re-designed, there is some kind of Bodoni-esque type included. Elle is no exception, but it works. If they were trying to make the magazine feel a little younger and more experimental then I think they definitely achieved their goal. This issue was also chock-full of articles. I don't remember any other issue with so many fashion essays (although some of them were slightly repetitive). I love this, I hope that this is one of their new features and not just a "perk" of the Fall Fashion issue.

Fashionina? No. I wasn't sold on this at all. My first issue with this is the images accompanying the article have nothing to do with what she's writing about. In her debut column, she talks about the things she went through to find a comfortable image/wardrobe for her pregnancy months. The images are all of baby stuff and then at the end of the column they have a little box with a visual description of the article. What they should have done was switch it around; scatter the articles with Nina's "solutions" for looking chic during pregnancy and then have the box at the end be about Nina's Baby Picks. The second issue I had was that I'm just not too keen on her writing style? I don't know, I wanted to like her but I couldn't. I'll give her another chance though, since it was just the first column. Maybe she'll need some time to find her voice.

Karl Lagerfeld article? G-E-N-I-U-S! The opening illustration by Ruben Toledo was fantastic, and the article was full of Karl-isms that I just love.
Best Line? Q: What's your favorite junk food? KL: A hamburger. I was born in Hamburg.
Weirdest? Finding out Karl wears black lace underwear for men. (But isn't is SO Karl though?)
Best Karl Moment? Q: Always... KL: ... me Q: Never... KL: ...somebody else. Ugh! Brilliant!

My favorite fashion essays were; Head Strong by Anne Slowey and Grab Bag by Alexandra Jacobs. They were the most fun and relatable, I thought, and some of the other ones kept referencing things that were mentioned in previous articles and it got a bit repetitive. However I did absolutely adore the close-up picture of the accessories to full bleed with the text box on top. It was really different and packed a great big punch.

The cover page for the Elle Fashion section was very interesting. I loved the simple typography and the starkness of the model in white background, but there was something off with the picture that bothered me. Maybe the lighting was weird? It was cool that they offered 3 separate budget alternatives for what they are calling "the look" of the season, even if they layout was a slight too busy for my taste. The new "Noted" section they added at the bottom of their Trends page was a really great idea and definitely one of my favorite details in the entire issue. The fashion news section was SO busy. I didn't like this at all, it was too much and mostly reminded me of the similar section over at Bazaar. It just didn't have very good flow and my eye kept going all over the place (Although I did manage to read the snippet about the Chanel boutique that was redesigned to look like the No. 5 box and thought it was absolutely divine!)

The Elle Shops section was INTENSE. So much content! So many must-have items! There were only a couple items I found were off, but only because it's one of my pet peeves. Pet Peeve #1: The repetition of items. Usually this happens in different sections of the magazine, so it's not that bad, but the fact that they featured an image from the Just Cavalli show right next to the actual leather jacket was just too weird. Then they had a full page dedicated to the "Biker" trend and in there, a subdivision of the trend for dresses where 2 out of the 3 were made out of leather or lambskin and then a couple pages later they showed leather dresses as a separate trend. Which is fine, but it just felt like a re-run to me.

Nicolas Caito was my absolute favorite. What a lucky guy! He seemed really great and super smart and I can't even believe he worked with my beloved Olivier Theyskens! This is definitely "Behind the Scenes". (And he's married! Could you even imagine being married to the Patternmaker who helps Jack and Lazaro?)

Fashion: I don't always buy Elle because I used to find their fashion shoots repetitive. It seemed like there was always some Brazilian model wearing bright colors on the beach that they later Photoshopped to make them jump out of the page. It was fun the first couple of times and then I stopped caring for swimsuits and trashy cover-ups. This issue was filled with amazing photography of varying viewpoints and I thought it was done really well. Great job. If they stay like this, Elle will start coming home with me every month.

Bright Young Things: Let's just say that they won me over right off the bat with the opening spread. The combination of that big beautiful red b and the Pierre Hardy satin geometric shoes (one of my absolute shoe obsessions for fall), was absolutely perfect. It was also great to see Georgina Greenville again, although I'll always remember her from those Gucci ads back in the day.

Charlotte Je T'Aime: I love Charlotte Gainsbourg. Seriously. I want to be her. (Operation: Growing out my hair starts now). The pictures were so cool and French and just so awesome, especially that last photograph where she is wearing that gray coat with leggings and Converse. Some women just have "it". Also, this totally reminded me to buy her new album 5:55 because it's really really really good, especially the song called "The songs that we sing".

Untamed Beauty: Absolutely gorgeous. Everytime I see that yellow Nina Ricci gown I like it even more. Good balance between the hard/soft textures. Really nice.

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