The Vest & The Cardigan

I promised that I would post the other great pieces I found at Gap last time I was there as soon as they became available online. Well they finally put them up earlier last week. It's weird how bad they style the pieces on the website, like they make everything look more boring and suburban so people will buy it. The truth is that these pieces are super cool, and you'll constantly get complimented on them and people will ask where you got them and you will say "oh, I got it at the Gap" and they'll be in shock and you will come out a winner in their eyes for finding such cool pieces there. Trust me, it happens to me all the time.

The vest comes in black and grey. It has an excellent proportion and adjustable buckles in the back. The cardigan also comes in black and grey with contrasting piping. It's actually a very menswear-inspired look, very tough and rock n' roll. Awesome.

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