London Spring 08 I

1. Duro Olowu:

I really like Olowu's clothes. He was a great way with color and print and they're all so easy and chic. The first one makes me think of a cool businesswoman in NYC in the 70s but updated. The second one is an amazing explosion of color and print and I love that it looks both primitive and folky yet insanely sophisticated at the same time. I can imagine wearing it to a great party and standing out just because of the sheer simplicity and intrinsic luxury vibe it gives off.

2. Christopher Kane:

This was a really great collection. I loved the theme and the fabrics that he used and the way everything looked a little trashy but delicate and feminine at the same time. The clothes are a very unique but wearable, and in the end, I think that's what we all want.

3. Erdem:

There's something strangely subversive in this little dress and I love it.

The shape and the colors in this are magnificent. It's so simple and modern but it exudes the glamour of the early 1900's. The tulip shape of the jacket perfectly compliments the bubble hemmed dress.

This one reminds me a bit of Marc Jacobs last Spring collection, but not in any kind of bad way. Very fluid but geometric shapes.

4. Jens Laugesen:

Very sexy update on the tuxedo, and done in a way that definitely separates it from similar efforts over at Yves Saint Laurent. The short sleeve and the volume at the skirt really give it some spice.

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