Milan Spring 08 I

1. Alessandro Dell'Acqua:

This is a perfect combination of grown up glamour (the jacket) and youthful sex appeal (the nude mini-skirt).

2. 6267:

I love the contrast between the jacket and what she's wearing underneath. For some reason the colors in the jacket remind me of the Old West, and I love it paired with the very feminine (and sparkly!) top and skirt.

A little Marni-ish, but this is a very romantic dress. I love the darker color palette and the strong shoulder.

3. Blumarine:

I adore this yellow. I'm always a sucker for masculine/feminine/soft/hard combinations, so this is right up my alley.

Ok, so there's nothing nuts about this, but it just looks cool. I love that little leather jacket in both colors. Plus, how easy would it be to diy this look?

4. Bottega Veneta:

Tomas Maier has done an excellent job in placing Bottega Veneta as a premium luxury brand. The truth is, a lot of the times I think his clothes are beautiful but I am definitely not his target market. I equate him with being 60, glamorous and rich with an apartment on the upper east side and a couple Hermes bags. This trench, however, I could certainly see myself wearing it.

5. Jil Sander:

I love Raf and I love Jil Sander. I wish I could afford to wear these clothes in real life. That first dress is so bold and cool and I'd love to wear the frothy dress with some black opaque tights and a pair of chunky mary-janes.

I loved this look because it is unmistakably Jil Sander in feeling and silhouette, yet it feels very new and updated for today.

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