Milan Spring 08 III

1. Salvatore Ferragamo:

Some glamorous actress would've surely worn this in a Fellini movie. I love the very simple shape and how it clings to the body, the colors are so soft it makes the dress a little less agressive and more relaxed. It's gorgeous.

2. Maurizio Percoraro:

I life this because it reminds me of one of my efavorite Prada collections from the mid-90s, that was chinoiserie themed and she usd great colors and prints similar to this one. It's very casual and cool.

I didn't find anything particularly fascinating, but I loved, loved, loved the combination of these two blues.

3. Pringle of Scotland:

I love that it's a gorgeous flashy dress, but the colors aren't your typical party dress colors.

4. Emilio Pucci:

Just a great sexy, playful dress from Pucci. Exactly what it should be. I love the beading on the bodice, while the idea isn't groundbreaking, the shapes and the pattern are very original.

5. Max Mara:

So influenced by Comme des Garcons and Yohji Yamamoto that it didn't even look new. Nice try, but WAY literal interpretation.

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