Milan Spring 08: Prada

I was giddy when I was looking through the pictures of this show. It was all so simple! In my mind, Spring 2007 is the follow up to her beautiful "geek chic" collection around 1996-1997 (I think?). This is what this woman is wearing 10 years later and I could not be more in love with it.

This feels very 70's yet very now. I love the kind of ugly-beautiful fabrics and the assymetric lines and the piping adds the perfect detail. The spats-like details on the shoes are awesome.

The mix of prints and fabrics was really beautiful. The dresses are probably a more wearable option than the pantsuits when carrying this silhouette, and I'm sure we'll see tons of celebrities, models and socialites rocking this dress at all the different events. The velvet boot-sandals are ugly and awkward but somehow I can still see the beauty in them and I really want them.

I don't usually like middle-of-nowhere-length but somehow this looks hip and sexy? The colors in the fabric are really cool too.

The same pattern in a different fabric still looks great. I can't believe that she's bringing back bell-bottoms; although I guess if anyone was going to do it, it would definitely be her.

Ending on a beautiful note. Gauzy dress with beautiful print and mis-matching tights. I don't know how Miuccia does it season after season, but she really goes above and beyond everyone else. She designs for a Woman, with a capital W. Genius.

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