NYC Spring 08: 3.1 Phillip Lim

I love Phillip Lim. He makes beautiful, wearable, clothes for brainy girls everywhere. His store on Mercer St is gorgeous and I know that come Spring I'll try to save some money to get some great pieces. Right now they have really cool belts, headbands and handbags that I really really want.

I've definitely been hit by the lady-like polished glamour of this season, so I'm sure I'll be continuingit all the way through next Spring. This is a very simple and chic outfit but is very young and will not feel like someone playing dress up. The yellow skirt is absolutely fabulous.

This was a little different in mood from the previous look because it's more obviously sexy. It also reminded me a little of the Proenza Schouler collection for Spring, albeit a more accessible tone. Although I doubt I would wear all elements of this together, the top and "cardigan" would make a great addition to any wardrobe.

This is a beautiful un-dressy dressy dress. I love it's t-shirt like simplicity and the matching hat. (I'm mad for hats!)

My favorite thing about this dress is the ruffle at the bottom because it reminds me of one of those bullet band things that Rambo wears. It adds a little edge to an otherwise "normal" little black dress.


Like I said earlier, he has amazing accessories at his store. This is the bag I'll be swooning over. It's a little bit Mondrian, and a whole lot of vintage flair.

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