NYC Spring 08 IV

1. Vera Wang:

In the past few seasons Vera Wang has evolved in amazing ways. Somewhere along the way she became... experimental? Her collections are very conceptual, and her clothes are now for a very specific woman that isn't afraid to wear "weird" pieces, definitely not as easy dressing as she once was. Her inspiration for this season was Ancient Rome, and this gown is a beautiful interpretation of that. It's very simple, but the delicate pleating and beautiful colors (yellow + grey = swoon), make it very special.

This was one of the more conceptual looks in the show, but I found it captivating. The shapes are very boxy, but somehow they work? I mean, I don't think anyone could pull this off in real life, but as individual pieces, they could be a standout item in any wardrobe. The colors are absolutely gorgeous, and I love the delicate pattern.

2. Zero Maria Cornejo:

This was an amazing collection, as usual. The neon colors, the fluid shapes; everything was just beautiful and extremely cool.

3. Cynthia Rowley:

This was a very different collection from her I thought, it felt more serious and a little times a little experimental (in a good way). I wasn't really blown away by anything, but I really loved this dress. It's pretty but the texture makes it a little crazy. And sometimes, that's ok.

4. Jovovich-Hawk:

Although I love Milla Jovovich, I've always found it hard to see their clothes in a real life setting. Sometimes they can be a bit costume-y, and others a little too obviously vintage reproductions (and not in a good way). But this collection was different, it felt very wearable, if not necessarily for everyone. These two dresses, however, were the exception. I thought they perfectly achieved the balance they are always striving for of off-kilter femininity. Their shapes are simple and the luxury comes in the beautiful crochet details. I think if they continue in this path their best is yet to come.

5. Malandrino:

The proportion here is great, and that vest is beautiful. I'd imagine this worn with slicked back lacquered hair and a smoky eye, rouged cheeks and killer glossy lips. So decadently glamorous.

Sexiest little black dress so far this season.

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