NYC Spring 08: Proenza Schouler

I just went through their show a third time, and I'm just speechless. They always manage to create a very luxurious collection that, even with all their rotating themes, is inherently them. This season they did away with their signature bustiers and replaced them with beautiful layered vests. The result was sexy and truly original.

I loved that yellowish green color with the khaki and the brown belt, because had they picked bright colors like purple or pink, the attitude would've been completely different and not as defiant. The white ascot really makes it more sophisticated, if a little eccentric.

Their prints were really great, they reminded me of Masai beading. It seems delicate but also a bit primitive and gritty.

The combination of the very feminine voluminous white dress with the very masculine tailored print jacket was genius. It both makes the jacket seem more delicate and the dress more grounded. They really struck a perfect balance in contrast.

The dresses that came in at the end were amazing. I loved the contrast in textures in this one and the tie detail at the waist. The beautiful jeweled burgundy color is just perfect.

Oh! How decadent and luxurious is this dress? Yet so, so simple. I love the brown leather belt in this one too, it brings a touch of masculinity to the dress that somehow makes the look more sophisticated. I'm sure it'll be the dress of the season.

Oh, and does this mean they're making sunglasses for spring? I'm saving up for those right now!

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