NYC Spring 08: Vena Cava

About four years ago, there was an article in Vogue about up and coming designers; among them were Jovovich-Hawk and Vena Cava. I really liked their clothes, they were feminine without being fussy and always had great prints. Since then, I've kept my eye on them and I'm really glad that they are getting more recognition and a nomination to the coveted CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award. Their collection was great, I loved the colors, the simple shapes and, just the overall attitude that their clothes carry.

Like I've said before, blue and brown is one of my favorite combinations, but this one is particularly appealing. The trousers are a delicious chocolate brown and the top a gorgeous aquamarine. This is what a cool young teacher wears to work (and I mean that in the best possible way). It's sexy without being revealing and the sensuality lies in the gorgeous ruffles at the top and the gold chain belt hung oh-so-nonchalantly on her hips. I would dress like this every day.

So simple. Black jacket, white dress, black jazz shoes. Absolute minimalist chic

The colors seem a bit faded and don't exactly match and the shape is kind of awkward yet, I couldn't keep my eyes off this dress. In its quirkiness, this dress has accomplished real beauty. It's a dress for confident girls that want to standout by quietly screaming.

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