NYC Spring 08 VII

1. Anna Sui:

Anna Sui was back to her usual inspirations for fall: vintage style and glam rock. Nothing groundbreaking, but she always manages to have some very cute, colorful dresses. The second one is my favorite because it reminds me of Comme des Garcons circa early 90's.

2. Carolina Herrera:

I can always count on Ms.Herrera for a beautiful gown or two. Although this collection seemed a bit more mature (not that her collections aren't ever mature, but it seems like the options for younger girls were a bit more limited in this collection whereas she usually has a good balance between ladies of a certain age and girls who just want to have fun). I loved the contrast of the black flower/ribbon with the orange and sand print of the dress.

3. Chris Benz:
Oh my god, what an absolutely stunning collection! His use of color is positively outstanding. I know hes been buzzed about in the last season(s?), and this collection will certainly take him to another level. I want to own EVERYTHING he showed, unfortunately he is out of my price range, but a girl can dream right?

This is a pretty straightforwardly feminine dress, and I'm kind of surprised that I like it so much. I think the shape of the jacket is what makes it different and tones the frills of the dress down a notch. That magenta color is insane. And can we talk about those super cute neon loafers? Those, I will definitely snag.

From magenta we go to this beautiful mustard-orange color. This is so effortlessly cool, a breeze dress, a shrunken vest and a great big hat to keep all the boys at bay.

We end with a very simple and chic green ensemble. The fluidity of the whole look reminds me a little of a ballerina or a sexy secretary; both ongoing inspirations for me this fall. If the retailers aren't going gaga for this collection, there is something seriously wrong with them. I loved it all.

4. Malo:

Cute outfit for a night out, I'm not 13 anymore, but I still enjoy some sparkles now and then.

Love the mix of prints and shape. I love the slight 80's reference with the checkers but how it's toned down with the abstract print at the bottom.

5. Oscar de la Renta:

I really wish I had occasions to wear beautiful gowns like this one. I love the cropped length, I think it gives it a little playfulness and youthful sophistication. (Which is the same way one could describe Irina, no?)

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WendyB said...

That green outfit is terrific.