Bazaar October 2007

Cover:Mary-Kate Olsen. I love Mary-Kate and Ashley, therefore I was super psyched about this. She's smiling and she looks so fresh!

Front of Book:I think this month was the last installment of their rundown of editors throughout the years, and it was a little disappointing only because they only dedicated 1/4 of a page to Kate Betts, who I absolutely adored when she was in charge of Bazaar. I know she was only editor for 2 years, but she did a really amazing job with the magazine. The issue she did with Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover was so full of great fashion and cool styling that I couldn't just cut out my favorite articles, so I just saved the entire thing. I still have it at my Mom's house somewhere.

I must have that super cute Lanvin tee on the first page of Hottest, Newest, Latest. I it's similar to the one Chloe Sevigny wore to a NYC fashion week party a couple months ago. Obviously it's the only Lanvin piece that could ever make it into my closet these days.

You would think that I loved "What your shows reveal about you" by Rebecca Miller, but I didn't. It didn't really say anything about her or about the people reading the article. It was mostly disappointing.

Middle of Book: The "Fabulous at Every Age" breakdown was cool, but as usual, I didn't care for the items picked for the 20-something girls (except for that great Balenciaga skirt) and instead want everything featured for the 30-somethings. The Chanel ring is absolutely magnificent. Simon Doonan article was brilliant as usual. He is one of my favorite people, and if you haven't read any of his books I highly recommend them, especially Confessions of a Window Dresser. I always enjoy his writing because he has a great sense of humor and doesn't take himself or the fashion industry too seriously. I hope one day he compiles all the article he's written for Bazaar and publishes them in a book.

The Ivanka Trump article was alright. Although I usually prefer reading about women of a certain age with impossible glamorous wardrobes and homes in St Tropez. But you have to give her props for turning out normal and hardworking and not some dumb party girl. "What's rich now", by Rob Haskell was marginal at best. I'm assuming that it was supposed to be kind of funny, because I can't imagine that anyone would write such a thing seriously, but it was seriously lacking in wit. I bet you Simon Doonan would've written a much better one.

Fashion Features: Well, clearly the Grey Gardens-inspired shoot with Mary-Kate and Lauren Hutton was out of this world. I loved the clothes that they picked because they are not the ones that you see in every shoot in every magazine. It wasn't so much about the hits from the runway reinterpreted certain way as much as it was really trying to convey the theme. The Miu Miu bodysuit she wears in the first spread is so cool, and of course I'm in love with those Prada sandals. The pictures were so beautiful and she really seemed at ease and not trying too hard to "vogue" it up for the camera. The pairing with Lauren Hutton was excellent too, she has such a great smile and you can just sense her amazing spirit coming through the pictures. It was perfectly executed.

I think I'm really beginning to like Anja Rubik. She has a very interesting phase that makes he stand apart from all the other blonde models. I really loved the way that "Key pieces..." was laid out. It reminded me a little of vintage Versace ads from the early 90's, and it was filled with great energy and movement.

That's it for this issue. Short but sweet, can't wait to see what great stuff awaits in the next issue.

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