Happy Birthday Mom!

I am a poor girl right now, but if I had all the money in the world my mom would be getting this wardrobe as a present. I pulled my favorite looks from Fall and Resort for her and here they are.

Safari-type dresses always remind me of my mom, which is why she would LOVE this one from Marc Jacobs' resort collection. I think she could wear this Prada blazer-dress to work (minus the fuzzy undershirt), she rarely wears dresses or skirts to work because I think her company policy is that she has to wear stockings and she doesn't like those very much, but she can wear the great Prada stockings and a closed toe version of this shoe and rock it!

This Marc Jacobs khaki suit would be perfect to work but without the turtleneck. The Lanvin purple dress she could wear to work on a Friday and then go out for some drinks after work. I love her in purple; when I was little she had a purple outfit that she would wear often and I think it consisted of a purple suit and purple suede pumps; I called her "Super Uvita" which in English means super grape (wasn't I such a cute baby? haha).

The Proenza Schouler combo might be a bit dramatic for work, but who cares, she could wear it when she comes to visit me in the city. The hat we might have to rethink but everything else is a go. The Michael Kors ensemble is just cool. Classic sweater dress and Khaki coat, she would forgo the gloves of course, and maybe wear chunky tights and boots with it.

This Hermes outfit is very decadent, she could wear it when we go to Paris next (hint, hint). My mom looks great in earthy tones. The Jonathan Saunder might be a bit out of character for her, but she has great shoulders so I think she'd look great in it, she can wear it when she comes visit me in a couple of weeks and we go out dancin' and drinkin'

The Gucci outfit from Resort is just cool for everyday wear, it's also a mom-friendly outfit, with the cute cropped pants (which she'll say she doesn't feel comfortable wearing, but I know she'd look great in them), the sensible flats and the huge bag that she can fill with books and bottles and diapers (for my little brother, I'm potty trained, thankyouverymuch). Ooh, this Donna Karan look is entirely aspirational. I know she would look sensational in it but can't really think of a time or place for her to wear it.

She's always wanted a "Valentino red" dress and although the ruffles make it a little bit more feminine than what she usually wears, I think the belt grounds it a bit. The green Dior is fantastic, she loves to wear big pins and scarves and I know she would just adore the detail on the jacket. She also loves to be dressed all matchy-matchy so I'd get her the shoes and the bag too.

She's gotta have some Chanel, right? And this red dress and jacket combo would be perfect and timeless. The boots will not be coming on the ride though. My mom's a classy lady. The purple Zac Posen gown would be completely unnecessary but I just thought of her immediately, actually, I think Bruna Tenorio looks a little bit like my mom, so maybe that had something to do with it.

Since I've picked all these gowns and impractical clothes, here's a nice suit from the Calvin Klein resort collection that she could wear to work. I love the color of the pants. This look from Balenciaga's resort collection is pure her. The scarf, the trench, the bag, everything about it just SCREAMS mom.

The last two looks from Marni and 3.1 Phillip Lim are wishful thinking. I don't know if my mom has embraced this arty-slouchy chic look, but she definitely has the attitude to pull them off. Especially the Phillip Lim one, come to think of it, that one's probably not that expensive, maybe I can start saving up now and get it for her when it goes on sale. Sorry, Ma! But hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

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