Jennifer Connelly in Vogue

I never quite understood what the fuss was all about Jennifer Connelly, but after seeing the wonderful pictures of her taken by Mario Testino for this month's Vogue, that all changed. She has such a striking presence and the colors were absolutely amazing. This first picture was at the beginning of the spread, but I don't think you can really appreciate it with all the text on it. And that blue sky in the background makes me wish I was back in Puerto Rico laying on the beach.

These were my second favorites, I've always been a sucker for anything slightly reminiscent of a sailor look, and these are just gorgeous. I think the second image could've easily been used for the cover of the magazine (and perhaps should've as I don't think that the cover photograph is particularly striking). I liked her in the photographs so much that I decided to read the accompanying article and the truth is, she seems like a really groovy lady. I mean, drinks at Union Pool? She's great!

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Anonymous said...

I loved the first photo you posted as well. While they all were gorgeous, my personal favorite was the mermaid inspired pose on the side of the yacht...what an amazing shot. I also love the black and white shot of her in the bathing suit. She is really very classically beautiful, very aristocratic looking....