A Little Manolo

Inspired by a recent debate over on Fashionista about whether or not illustrations should be used in advertisements, I thought about the great Manolo Blahnik advertisements that sometimes grace the last pages of Vogue. When I was younger, I wanted to be a fashion designer (I may have not given up entirely on this) and I collected this the way I'm sure other kids were collecting beanie babies. I obsessed over his use of color and the way that he made a foot look like a foot (I've always had trouble drawing feet). I tried to just emulate the drawings and when that didn't work out, I would just put his ads under my drawing paper and use his illustrations as my guide. While the googling didn't turn up any of my favorite ads, I did find that he published a book of his beautiful drawings, aptly titled Manolo Blahnik Drawings that I most certainly plan on adding to my collection. Also, if you go on his website you will find some of his older illustrations and they are truly, truly great. I can't afford a pair of his shoes just yet, so the book will just have to do.

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