Oh, Karl...

Yesterday my friend and I went to see Lagerfeld Confidentiel at the Film Forum. We got there early, which was great because we got to see all the fashion types exiting the show before us and everyone for the 8:20pm showing that we had tickets for. The great thing about seeing this movie at the theater was being in a room full of Karl-ites, who all oohed, aahed and gasped at the same things. The film is extraordinary, but really only because Karl is extraordinary. Every once in a while I got the feeling that the director didn't quite know what he was getting into and sometimes it seemed like he had no idea who he was talking to. Karl was of course witty, sarcastic and very funny and the film definitely showed his human side. It opens with a shot of his bedroom, decidedly messy and lived in, with books and magazines all over the place, we see the top of his vanity covered in so many silver rings that they look like ants, and drawers filled with stiff white collars We see him without his glasses, with his friends, sketching, flying in a private jet with a pillow he's had since he was a young boy and we see him completely shutting up the director when he beats around the bush too much when asking him about homosexuality. I definitely recommend it to everyone, and there's a chance that I might just have to go see it again.

Lagerfeld Confidentiel now showing at Film Forum now through November 6 in NYC.

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