Paris Spring 07: Louis Vuiton

I had very mixed feelings about this collection. I thought that his namesake collection was absolutely brilliant, and this one seemed too similar to it. I think it's really important that when a designer does two very distinct lines that you are able to tell the difference, because the Vuitton woman is very different from the Marc Jacobs woman, or at least I'd like to think that. I was looking forward to see what his collaboration with Richard Prince yielded, but I was skeptical even of that since it didn't seem very original as Marni has been doing collaborations with him for the past season or two.

I really liked these casual looks, they're actually wearable and the color palette is brilliant. I'm sure we'll see the striped tops and skirts in upcoming spring editorials.

This is really great. The shade of blue is so beautiful and flattering on tons of women. I loved the deconstructed jacket/top, and although I remember seeing similar explorations in the Marc Jacobs collection, I think this one is still very successful. The gloves are really cool as well.

Many designers did their interpretation of the tux for women this season. I really love this, it's very sophisticated and a little cheeky.

The Richard Prince collaboration bags were great. Very bright and colorful. I'm sure that the offset-screenprint ones are going to be all over the place and are getting knocked off as we speak, but the real gems of the collection are the ones with the old-timey-New Yorker-cartoon ones. I really really want it. They're perfect!

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