Paris Spring 08 I

1. Balmain:

I love this dress because it looks like someone dropped a bucket of silver sequins and paillettes on it. It's fancy but a little sloppy.

2. Bruno Pieters:

I LOVED the Bruno Pieters collection. It was so stark and minimal, but not in the usual, obvious way. It was kind of monastic but very intelligent and cool. I loved this look (although not so much the white blouse underneath), it has all the right amount of swagger hidden in the careful construction of the clothes and the sparkle of the leggings and the supremely cool platform shoes.

Perfect Futurist dress.

3. Rick Owens:

I wasn't really into the proportion that Rick developed for this season. The bottoms seemed to end in the middle of nowhere and paired with the chunky, awkward boots, the resulting look was a mix of tourist and old lady that just wasn't appealing. Above the hips though, was another story entirely. The fabrics he used and the way he pleated and draped them was beautiful. I'd love to wear clothes like this all the time, it'd be so easy to look great! A Rick Owens top, a pair of jeans and a great pair of shoes and you're all set. Maybe next season everything else will get a nicer treatment than this.

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