Paris Spring 08 V

1. Yves Saint Laurent:

I'm still waiting or Stefano Pilati to win me over. His clothes always seem to be lacking a sense of humor, they're like stern professors school that are never happy. The structured jacket is aces.

This is slightly reminiscent of a safari dress, but it's no obvious and that's why it's great. I love the subtle color contrast.

2. Chanel:

Classic Chanel little dresses.'

3. Hermes:

Incredibly, heart-breakingly chic outfit. Can you just feel it? I mean, the colors, the contrast in fabrics, it just all reads as impossibly rich.

4. Limi Feu:

Limi Feu is Yohji Yamamoto's daughter and this was her forst runway show. It was very beautiful and while you can see her father's influence in some of the pieces, it is very obvious that she was a point of view of her own. Her collection was very stark and graffic yet retained a light and airy feel, which I loved. It's really why I liked this dress, it's just a strong message. It's a little feminine but very bold.

5. Martin Grant:

Love the way he's updated the dress with caramel leather inserts and beautifully drape-y light blue fabric. It's a very good mix of opposites.

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