Preen Me!

About two months ago I went to McNally Robinson, my favorite bookstore, to find something to quench my magazine addiction. I found issue number 4 of Preen Magazine and fell in love. It felt like what Nylon was when it first came out, weird but beautifully put together. The graphic design is clean and sparse and sometimes it just feels like a beautiful school project (and I mean that in the best possible way, as in; it's designed as if the only concern was aesthetics). It's a fairly straight up fashion magazine with tons of beautiful and different editorials, and a real unique point of view.

For about two weeks now I've been stalking the bookstore, waiting to find the new issue and after seeing my coworker with it on Sunday, I went straight there after work and purchased it. Finally! On my train ride home, however, not all was fun and games, I turned the page and watched in horror as the face of one c0ry k3nn3dy stared back at me from the pages of the magazine. Dammit! Why must everyone insist on pushing this girl down my throat? Why on earth would they think that I care about how a spoiled teenager dresses? I was so disappointed, and I couldn't believe I had spent 6 dollars to support a magazine that couldn't see past it.

Of course, the problem is that I really DO like this magazine, so I decided to give it another chance. And the truth is, the magazine is just really great. I looked at her spread again, and took refuge in the fact that they just used her as a model and there wasn't an accompanying article. Well that and the following three awesome things:
- The P in their logo is delicious!
- The patterned paper used at the beginning and end pages of the magazine.
- The quote that opens every issue.

Preen, you have my heart! Please don't break.

Preen Magazine

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