Spring 08 Bag Report

Yesterday, Style.com did their awesome 500+ lookbook of Spring accessories for the major labels. I made a point to include shoes and bags in the runway reviews, but it's always nice to see just a close-up picture of the items without any hoollaballoo in the background. Looking at them all together it seems like Spring is going to be a great time for me. Lots of bright colors and awesome geometric shapes. I'm in heaven!

The Blow bag by Alexander McQueen. If it's named after Isabella, it's got to be fab, right?

The Chanel U-Boat bag. I didn't like the Chanel Spring collection at all, but this bag is pure genius.

This Christian Lacroix bag might as well be an official geometricsleep bag. Ha!

Chloe definitely has my attention this season. The printed clutch is adorable and I fell in love with the origami one when I saw it on the runway. I think things are going to be really great under Paolo Melim Andersson's reign.

I love everything about this Marc Jacobs bag.


aka scrunchie girl said...

Wow! The first one is absolutely Blow, as the entire McQueen collection.
Great blog.
From Laia to Laia, ciao!

aka scrunchie girl said...

I forgot:
finally someone else "dislikes" Chanel, or i better say Karl Lagerfeld, at least, last collection...
And i absolutely agree about Chloe and Paolo Melim, what about the bags and shoes of the spring collection??!!!

laia. said...

I love love love Karl Lagerfeld, but I can't say that I loved his Spring collection for Chanel at all. I'm not so down with the whole "Americana" kind of spirit, whether it's ironic or not.
I am head over in heels in love with Chloe though!