Spring 08 Shoe Report

Continuing my coverage of Style.com's accessory showcase, here are my favorite shoes.

This classic style by Brian Atwood features the awesomest shade of green ever. It would clash with everything I have in my wardrobe but that's why they'd be so perfect.

Wow. This Chloe pair feels a little sporty while still being very pretty. The combination of that bright blue and orange is making my knees go weak.

This looks like it could be Marni, but it's actually Dolce & Gabbana. I really loved their Spring collection and these shoes are no exception.

I like this Christian Louboutin pair because it's backwards and I love the combination of neutral colors with neon ones.

The shoes that Marc Jacobs came up with this season are incredible. I love the topsy-turvy heel, and the chiffon/mary jane boot is by far the best way to incorporate the "see-through" trend from Spring.

I like these Roger Vivier heels just because the print doesn't look like it belongs on shoes, but on a cool Lego-like toy.

Ok, full disclosure; one of my biggest shoe pet peeves are when they make heels that look like otherwise sporty shoes. This pair by Pierre Hardy, has changed my opinion a bit. I love them. I think it's because the colors are sort of reminiscent of old school Reeboks, so it's toned down a bit, but oh, they're so marvelous and I really want them.

I love Proenza Schouler and I love these shoes. That's about it.

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aka scrunchie girl said...

AIAAAA, i choose Pierre Hardy for the morning, Roger Vivier in the afternoon and Louboutin by night!