Why is Elisa Jimenez on Project Runway?

So I am listening to the new episode of Project Runway (I don't have cable so I only get the sound in, basically I'm watching scrambled Bravo), when all of a sudden I hear a voice from the TV say "Hi! I'm Elisa Jimenez", I logged on the the Project Runway website and lo and behold it IS her! This is so weird! Elisa Jimenez is a real designer and I don't know how I feel about her being on this show. Nothing bad of course, I just can't believe how someone so great, who's been in the business for so long and has garnered considerable amounts of press is on this show. I know that press doesn't always equal money but I am just shocked. Above is a picture of Melissa Auf Der Maur circa the late 90's when she was still with Hole in a dress that Elisa designed. I will try to find a full length pic of it and post it. This is so crazy! I need cable!


Anonymous said...

elisa hasent been "made" yet, not real money, line, publisity, not a known name. If you saw the first episode you migh be able to tell she experiance could be healthy

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see someone like Elisa on PR. She is refreshing, not a hater, and tolerant of Sweet Pea who behaved as though her methods were MUCH BETTER then hers...ole Carmen made a face when Jessica Parker picked her design and of course Christian...saying "she's weird". So far she has left them in the dust and GOOD RIDANCE to goofy carmen...glad I don't have to see her dufus face anymore.