From the Vaults: Kate in White & Beige

This is one of my all-time favorite editorials (actually, it is #2). It was published in Vogue on November of 1996. I love everything about it, the way she was styled, her hair, the retro-vibe but above all, I absolutely adored the way the white and the beige complemented each other so well in the pictures. The photograph of her fixing her sandal is burned in my brain, and a constant source of reference. She looks sophisticated and cool yet somehow approachable. I have been looking for this editorial online for a while (I still have the original tear-outs back at my mom's house) and was very excited to find it and be able to share it with everyone.

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Anonymous said...

como conseguiste esto?

estas segura que esta aqui?

i remember this one. Kate is unsurpassable, right there with Linda Evangelista in her ability for change.

love you, Mami