From the Vaults: Versace 1995

I was 11 years old in 1995 and already obsessed with fashion. After my mom was done reading her Vogue, I would go through it and tear out all my favorite ads and editorials. Back then my favorite designer was Gianni Versace, his ads were the main reason I started my collection. This picture of Kristen McMenamy has stayed with me throughout the years. I loved it then and when I look at it now, those same feelings come back. This picture represented everything that being a real woman, a lady, was back then. The way her dress lays on her body, it seems like its not even touching her, her beautiful face with those striking eyelashes, but my favorite part, was her feet in those heels. They always seemed like they were floating on thin air. But the best part was that even in all this lady-like business, she still seems so strong, and you can see the muscles in her legs and her arms. Kristen was my most favorite model back in the day, I think this ad is one of the reasons why.

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