Natalie Portman Does Fake Shoes

Usually I'd roll my eyes at another actress-turned-designer, but this time it's totally different. Vogue reports that Natalie Portman has designed a collection of shoes in collaboration with Te Casan. The best part? They're vegan! The icing on the cake? 5% of the profits go to charity. So you really can't go wrong! I'm not vegan but I have many friends that are, and I know it's not easy to find cute vegan shoes (they're usually clunky and just, wrong wrong wrong). Save some of that Holiday gift money until February when the shoes become available (or until January 15th when they're available for pre-order).

The charity benefitting from Natalie Portman's collection for Te Casan is The Nature Conservancy. Since 1951 they've been protecting important ecological locations throughout the world.
Updated on 12-26-2007 @ 8:24pm

For more information visit Te Casan.

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