I cannot believe this Pre-Fall malarky that's going on. I mean, give designers a break! Putting on shows for this just seems absolutely nuts, if you gotta show it to everyone, then just do a lookbook. Those are cute and you get a different vibe from each designer. I imagine it must be nuts to work at De la Renta, where the Pre-Fall Collection had 63 looks! So let's start with him.

1. Oscar de La Renta:

I really loved the prints and the colors that he used for this collection, it's a flower print for girls who hate flower prints. I would definitely wear the first look straight off the runway, it's cool, feminine and not fussy. The real gem in this collection is that amazing green short sleeve sweater. Oh, I could just see myself wearing it, with jeans and my Chloe booties (what you think I'll stop wearing them after the season's over? NOT A CHANCE!). The last look seems a little Chanel, but it's ok, it's still cute.

2. Chanel:

This reminds me of Chloe, if Chloe had an older,cooler, goth sister. Pure Lula magazine material.

3. Vera Wang:

Vera continues her transformation into one of the most experimental and quietly avant-garde designers on this side of the Atlantic. While her clothes aren't weird or unwearable, they definitely demand that the wearer step outside their comfort zone, be it with her use of gorgeous colors, or her love of volume and luxurious fabrics. This collection seemed to have a healthy balance between everyday wearable things and dramatic ensembles for after hours. I can't wait to see what her Fall collection will look like.

4. Rachel Roy:

I admit it, I am a little snobbish when it comes to celebrities or relatives of celebrities launching clothing lines. However, I think I'm developing a soft spot for Rachel Roy. I think it's nice the way she's quietly launched her line without too much hoopla, and that she seems to be taking baby steps or a natural route to growing her brand. I thought this collection was great. Very feminine, simple and sexy but with a slight je-ne-sais-quoi. The first look reminded me a little of Proenza Schouler's Spring collection, but just a little, here it seems to be more of a "I needed a jacket to wear to a party, so I cut off the sleeves off my boyfriend's blazer and belted it". It's a nice contrast to the gilded fabric of the dress under it. The yellow "fringe" dress is absolutely adorable, and I don't even like fringe! So while I won't be giving her a free pass anytime soon, I'm really interested to see what she'll do next.

5. Versace:

This is very Versace, but I think there's a slight young/edgy/Chloe vibe going on that makes it standout from Donatella's regular sex bomb treatment.

6. Burberry:

Love it! Christopher Bailey certainly knows what's going on. It was a young sophisticate collection, very cool and a little magpie. Love all the layers and the trousers are to die for! It probably didn't hurt that they used Iekeliene, I think she can make anything look pretty cool.

7. Missoni:

I don't remember wanting the entire contents of a collection before, but this one just had my name written all over it! Can we talk about that geometric dress on the bottom right corner? OH MAN! I want it!
This isn't really a review of the collection, more like me gushing. I am ok with this.

8. Bill Blass:

The first collection that newly appointed designer Peter Som has done for Bill Blass. Nothing to write home about, except a beautiful sense of understated luxury. I think the pieces would also work really well across a range of ages and body sizes. Love that sparkly dress though!

I will keep updating this post with Pre-Fall stuff instead of making new posts everytime something new comes up, ideally, I'd like to not pay any attention to it, if only because I want to give designers a break. Haha. But you know, the show must go on.


susie_bubble said...

I quite agree about the redundancy that comes with pre-fall shows.... why break your backs fitting up to four shows year.... ?

Lovely Lindsay said...

I loved everything about Missoni also. Can't you see Rachel Bilson in that yellow coat? Its all adorable!