Stand Inside Your Love

Since it's Olivier Theyskens day for me, here is the video for the Smashing Pumpkins' Stand Inside Your Love, featuring costumes by the monsieur himself.


Blue Floppy Hat said...

I loved the Smashing Pumpkins, but didn't know M. Theyksens had done costumes for them, so the video is a real treat- thanks!
I've been a fan of his since c. 1998 when Madonna wore one of his dresses to the Oscars, and his clothes for Rochas were among the most beautiful I've ever seen in my life- I was heartbroken that the house shut shop before I was old enough to afford to buy things by them.
Do tell us what meeting him was like, how did you get to do that in the first place?

laia. said...

I haven't met him, but I would absolutely love to! He is speaking at the French Alliance tonite and I am going to see him.
Rest assured there will be a lengthy post about it later in the night!