Bag Lady

Everyone's been posting the contents of their bag lately, so I figured I should do mine as well. I always like magazine features where we get to see inside people's closets, bags or even medicine cabinets like Nylon did a couple of years ago.

1 This is the bag I am currently carrying even though as soon as it starts snowing, I might have to switch to one that isn't fabric or at least has a zip top. I am completely and utterly in love with Stefan Sagmeister, who is also one of my favorite Graphic Designers. He created this bag with Kate Spade to commemorate his exhibit at Art Basel Miami, so as soon as I found out about its existence I had to buy it. I love it because it fits everything and anything I might need.

2 My ipod. The headphones are falling apart but they still work so I'm not buying new ones. I paid like 7 bucks for them at a Rite Aid about 4 years ago. I'm surprised they've lasted this long.
The wallet was a semi-impulse buy at a Barneys sale. I'm glad I don't work on the same block as them anymore.

3 The little dirty coin purse from H&M holds my digital camera (which isn't in the picture for obvious reasons).
The bleeding bear is actually a mirror from Kid Robot. I <3 Kid Robot.

4 I got this super cute makeup case from a coworker for Christmas. In it are all my beauty/health essentials/emergency items. And then some.
- Inhaler
- Eye Drops
- Tide Pen (Best Invention EVER!)
- Black Sharpie & Bic Medium pen with Blue Ink
- Tom Ford Black Orchid Sample
- Broken Nail File
- Hairpin
- 3 Lipsticks: Nars Funny Face (signature color), Sugar Freshen Up lipgloss (freezes in the winter) and CO Bigelow Spearmint Mentha Lip Shine (gift from another coworker and current obsession).
- Tampons (not pictured)

5 I'm currently reading The Warhol Economy: How Fashion, Art and Music Drive New York City by Elizabeth Currid. It's really interesting and the fact that it attacks the topic from a more scientific point of view made me want to read it more. The last thing I need is to read a book solely on "how cool some kids are and look at all the stuff they do".
The polaroid of Kahlo, my cat, is my bookmark.
I love my white sunglasses from H&M but they are falling apart. I think from now on if I buy sunglasses there I'm going to buy two pairs, that way when one breaks I'll still have the other.

6 Moleskine Weekly Planner.
Moleskine little sketchbook (that I don't really like using, I've just been too lazy to get to an art supply store and buy a real sketchbook. I've been buying them for years so I guess you can't teach and old dog new tricks).
My passport. Not that I travel all the time or anything, but it's my only form of ID.

I never carry my cat in my bag. But she just sat there so I couldn't not take a picture of her. I love that little ball of fluff.

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