Ladies in Red (Tights)

I've always had a thing for red shoes, they are the coolest and make every outfit look rad. I never thought I would feel the same about red tights, but these two ladies have built a very strong case. Veronica Webb is rocking the red tights with a red dress, which sounds horrible in theory but looks oh-so-good in real life. I love her bi color scarf and the necklace over (!) the scarf. I'm totally in love with her look. French actress/singer Mareva Galanter is also rocking the red tights, and I have to say that I love her mini dress and shoes, it's a little sailor-ish and a little red-white-n-blue, but it just works for her. Guess I gotta go to American Apparel now to get my pair!

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susie_bubble said...

Love love love the mini dress.... the tights really bring out the colour!