NYC Fall 08 I

Fashion week is here!

1. Boy by Band of Outsiders:

Very cool, casual androgynous collection. I would probably wear this brand a lot if I had more money or cheaper rent. Ha! I am loving the combination of the two plaid prints and the tube sock gloves are rad!

2. Vera Wang Lavender Label:

This is so luxurious grunge! The sweater is awesome and reminds me of the ubiquitous Kurt Cobain sweater. I am not a fan of long skirts normally, but I' love the way it looks with the sweater and the belt that's sort of just laying there. For a couple of seasons now I've found myself looking forward to Vera Wang's collection and this has only wet my appetite for what's to come.

3. Rachel Roy:

I want to give Rachel Roy for the way she's quietly launched her label. At the very least, it makes me take her slightly more serious in her design endeavors. The collection was lovely, unremarkable but lovely. I quite liked this dress, it's sort of old fashioned, but maybe that's why its charming. I did have a problem with the shoes the models wore, though, when photographed from the front it made their feet look sort of shrunk and weird. Apart from that, everything is golden. Good Job.


susie_bubble said...

Wow... New York fash week already.... Loving the Rachel Roy dress

aka scrunchie girl said...

I don't know very much about them, but i've loved the boy collection. So the Vera Wang even if a little bit dark and dejà vu. Kiss!