Pre Fall? Still?

Well, the Pre-Fall pictures keep trickling in, so I have to do my part and report my faves back to you. Here's part 2 of the Pre-Fall report, I'll keep adding more to this page.

1. Louis Vuitton:

The colors on this dress are absolutely gorgeous! The shape seems a little matronly, but I think it's all in how you wear it.
*The looks I had featured here previously were from an older season, I didn't realize it until now, I apologize for the mistake.

2. Chloe:

I wasn't blown away by this collection, but I am head-over-heels in love with these green booties. I think Chloe is my new obsession and that sucks because I am poor poor poor.

3. Nina Ricci:

My Olivier is in New York right now! How I wish we could do lunch together, but it's ok. His Pre-Fall collection was very sweet and it seemed to both borrow from Spring but incorporate some things that we'll hopefully see in the Fall shows. The first dress is surprisingly easy to wear, and I could definitely see this on someone shopping around SoHo with cute flats, or with heels at a cocktail party. The slouchy suit is aces, and I know all the French ladies are already on this trend, however, I have to point out how hideous the whole thing looks on Masha. I am never one to criticize models for being too skinny (unless they are, of course) but this is absolutely ill-fitting on her. The whole top half looks sort of scary. But that's besides the point because I still really want to dress like this.

4. Balenciaga:

I really have to give it up to Nicholas Ghesquiere, because every collection he creates he comes up with a different aesthetic, no matter how successful the last one was. I think it's one of the reasons why he is so loved and revered by the industry, because he is always moving forward and challenging himself. If he makes a mistake, we all understand because we believe in his desire to be innovative and not rest on his laurels. The silhouette for his Pre-Fall collection is definitely very strong and follows the silhouette shown for Spring, but I think when you take the hip volume away it becomes softer and perhaps a bit more wearable for the general public. The first look is absolutely impeccable in fit and color balance. I've always loved layering and I love the proportions he achieved with this look. The overtly slouchy boots are great and they remind me of the boots that Olivier Theyskens used for his Fall 2000 collection. I thought it was interesting that this collection seemed very "safe" compared to his usual showings; the second look is very evocative of Chanel, albeit edgier, and the third look is a beautiful, very couture-like dress. I'm loving the exaggerated neckline and the contrast of the very sleek silk with the textured sleeves. The collection had all the elements of Balenciaga in the most ready to wear way I've seen so far.

5. Proenza Schouler:

Oh.My.God. I have to say, I love this collection, though I admit that my opinion might be biased by how cool they styled the models. It's so retro JFK chic and I am totally on board with this trend. I'm loving this new severe silhouette because it's so versatile; I felt like this collection really spanned all the age-ranges because it's so classic. The second look would be at place at a conservative office or at a cocktail party depending on how you accessorize it. The beautiful blue coat seems like an update of one of the coats they did for their fall 2007 line and its perfect. The thing I'm coveting the most though? Those sunglasses. Need them now!

6. Lanvin:

Witchy (Uptown-Parisian) Woman! I don't know how Alber manages to create such sumptuous clothes. The first look would seem rather costume-y if executed by any other designer, but in his hands, it becomes the ultimate seduction dress without showing any skin. I definitely need a dress like this, the soft volume in the shoulders and waist is just exquisite. The second look seems like the polar opposite of the first, a relaxed, slouchy, casual dress with a 20's loose shape. I would wear this dress with cool Dr Martens, or perhaps an oxford-type shoe and it would be the ultimate in easy dressing. The last dresses seem to have a more obvious upbringing in the flapper dress, but a very romanticized version of it. But I guess in the end, everything Alber touches is a romanticized version, because that's just the way he is.

Again, I will keep updating this post as I find more Pre-Fall images. For the previous Pre-Fall report, click here.

Last Update on Jan.22.08

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