Puerto Rico Dreaming

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a happy new year, mine was a total bust, but there's always hope for the next one. I am taking a little vacation as I am back in Puerto Rico with my family until Monday. So yeah, that's a bummer, right? But you know what's awesome? All the old magazines and ads and editorials that I have saved in boxes since I was 10. That's right! I'm bringing back some of them so this new year should be filled with great "From the Vault" features of stuff that you might not be able to find in the internet yet! Pretty sweet huh? I totally brought my digital camera to document some of these moments (ok, ok, family moments too, but you know), but I left the cable back in NY! BOO! But there'll hopefully be a ton of new stuff to post once I get back in the city. For now, I hope y'all stay bundled up and out of that freezing cold.

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