London Fall 08: Christopher Kane

Don't panic! I didn't forget about Christopher Kane, I just had a busy week and it took me a little longer to get to all the shows I wanted to talk about. I am totally falling for the Christopher Kane mystique. He is definitely one of the designers I look forward to during fashion week. This collection was sort of quietly loud, mix of glamour and down-home comfort.

This is so cool. First, I love the almost antique colors that have been going around this season, and the military green is one of my favorites. The knitted vest looks totally rad next to the glitzy paillette dress that is still a little more cerebral than your regular fancy gown. The shoes are a perfect compliment as well.

Sheer layers were also a recurring theme during the collection and I think he was very successful in the way he accomplished the feeling of nothingness in the gown, while still retaining the models' modesty. Haha, you liked how I said modesty? Putting a layer of paillettes under the sheer layers also looks super cool because it's all about hidden luxury. I'm all about hidden luxuries.

Everything about this dress is a perfect. I love the seams, the details, the layers, it incorporates everything without it feeling like a walking bazaar. She looks feminine, but strong and while it's a classically beautiful dress, the details turn it a bit on its head.

Yes. Who loves contrasting colors? Me!

The fact that even with all the details this reminds me of an updated version of Calvin Klein's 90's minimalism has to count for something. I can't stop looking at it, trying to figure it out. It's the perfect way to do sheer.

Future princess gown! Love it! Tilda Swinton or Cate Blanchett should wear this somewhere. I wish I had somewhere to wear any of Kane's wonderful creations, he's definitely one of my faves.

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