London Fall 08 I

1. Sinha-Stanic:

Sinha-Stanic is one of my favorite designers that show in London. A few seasons back they did these killer short, metallic mini-dresses that totally bowled me over. I love the colors and the proportions and of course the shoes are the best part. It's young and cute and hip and a little weird. Total radness.

This would be a super easy look to recreate on your own in theory, but I think what makes it so cool is the awesome combination of colors and the materials. I seriously love this. I would live in it.

2. Aquascutum:

Beautiful shape and great splash of color in the middle (easily recreated at home with some bright fabric).

When you get to your fancy affair, you don't even have to take your coat off because it's so beautiful.

This ones my absolute favorite. I love the black and white at the bottom. Could do without the wrestler belt though (are we even still doing those?).

The best coats come from water balls this season.
(Sorry, I know it's a total 12 year old boy joke, but I can't help it!)

3. Duro Olowu:

Olowu is known for his bold prints. This season they were a little too tropical paradise for my taste, but I really liked this dress. I love the combination of the glitzy gold with the more geometric black and white pattern.

4. Meadham Kirchhoff:

Meadham Kirchhoff is a new label in the London scene, it started out as a menswear label, but you wouldn't really know it by looking at this collection. I love this look, it looks like something the Empress from Neverending Story might wear if she ever grew up into a sophisticated but edgy 20-something.

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