London Fall 08 II

1. Louise Goldin:

I really like Louise Goldin. No, scratch that, I love Louise Goldin. In a really short time (2 seasons?) she has managed to knit her way into my heart (haha, can you even believe I said that? It's Valentines day, let's just let it go). I love the things she can do with knits and she's definitely bringing in a new meaning to sweater dressing.

This collection definitely had shades of Balenciaga, but since she works in a different material and her vision was really different from Ghesquiere's, it didn't bother me so much. I love the way she contrasts a sort of futuristic silhouette with the more traditional quasi-Fair Isle design of the dress. I can't wait to incorporate some strong shoulders into my wardrobe.

This one has a similar vibe going on as the one above, but I think this one also incorporates some slight Native American-ish elements that make it a little different. Also the silhouette is less harsh and a little more feminine.

I love this because it's sort of like armor. Again, the top is reminiscent of old Balenciaga from Fall 2001, but again, it's really not that big a deal. I love the colors and the textures she comes up with. Even though her clothes are feminine, the model still looks very tough.

2. Nathan Jenden:

Ok, this collection started out a bit weird, and I got a little concerned because I think Nathan Jenden usually has a pretty strong collection. But underneath the super heavy styling, were a lot of great pieces. I know formal shorts are a bit meh, and people shouldn't really wear them, but if they look like this, I say go ahead. This is such a well executed look, and the jacket is breathtaking.

I know, I know, totally over the top. But how FABULOUS!

3. Todd Lynn:

I don't advocate jumpsuits on anyone, but when they look this cool, exceptions need to be made.

I love blazers. They can spruce up any outfit; dresses, jeans, a short skirt, they all become instantly vavoomed when you add a cool blazer. I really wanna try my hand at the whole blazer as a dress thing, it's so chic and sexy.

4. Roksanda Ilincic:

I was sooo disappointed with this collection. Last season I wanted EVERYTHING she showed. Her dresses were feminine, and bold and weird. Unfortunately this season everything was weird, and awkward. The only thing I liked was this coat. What a bummer.

5. Giles:

This collection started out SO SO scary. I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on, it was ugly and dark and unwearable. And then all of a sudden, these beautiful dresses started coming out. It was weird and it didn't make a lot of sense, but when the dresses look like this, who gives a crap about cohesiveness? It's a dream made into a dress and we all know how I feel about that. Also the back is beautiful, you can see it in the next picture.

The colors in this are so weird. I love everything about it. It's weird shape, what with the long sleeves and a-line skirt and all, but it just works beautifully.

Feathers made out of satin? Count me in. I always love when designers pair two seemingly contradictory things together, especially the concept of formal dressing with a t-shirt or a sweater. For my prom I wore a fancy dress with a denim jacket, and this is sort of the same point. Beautiful, super formal skirt, with a tattered almost raggedy sweater. It's amazing.

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