London Fall 08 III

1. Erdem:

How cool is this dress? I love the contrast of the lace with the super bright yellow sleeves and collar. It's so disparate, but it totally works. I could see this being work by a bride in a tropical location, no shoes necessary, hair in a lose ponytail or half-gathered. I know that long dresses are going to be in for Fall, but I honestly don't know how I could pull them off without feeling like the most frou-frou girl in the world.

Love the color. Love the shape. Love the broche detail. Love Love Love.

2. Vivienne Westwood Red Label:

This is somewhat unremarkable; a t-shirt, a knee-length skirt and a coat. But the styling is so cool that I just had to post it. I mean, how easy would it be to just recreate this look at home with stuff you already have? The model's attitude and awesome makeup definitely help, but this is a super cool way to dress up. Starting now.

There are only two words I can say about this and they are inappropriate ones. But it's my blog, so I'm going to say them anyways. Fucking. Fierce. Seriously. Helmut Newton would be all up on Sessilee Lopez like beans on rice. Honestly I think if someone else was wearing this dress, I wouldn't have liked it that much. But she sold me, and she sold me good.

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