Milan Fall 08 II

1. 6267:

By now I'm sure you know I'm all about futuristic looking clothes. It's a good girl dress revved up by the exaggerated sleeve detail. I love the different use of colors and fabrics, especially the little collar.

2. Bottega Veneta:

I really love the idea of a monochromatic look. Olive green is definitely going to be a big color for Fall.

Jackie O Version 5.0
(I love Freja so much)

3. Pollini:

Chanel Iman looks absolutely stunning here (and I am not a big fan of hers). Everything about this look is so European and glamorous, the only thing ruining it are the weird sandal/leather sock thing going on down below. I am loving these very stereotypically fall-like colors that we are seeing this season.

4. Salvatore Ferragamo:

I think this is an uber-chic and glamorous look. But it's not perfect. First, the plunging neckline of the dress seems slightly out of place with such a beautifully classic, refined coat. Second, I can't understand why the styled the models' hair towards the front, where the frazzy ends of her hair distract me from the beautiful lines created by the coat. Last, the model looks like shes about to kill herself, which isn't that big a deal, really, but I needed to point it out.

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