Milan Fall 08 III

1. Dolce & Gabbana:

The awesomeness of last season didn't really carry over into this one, which is sort of unfortunate. But the level of Dolce glam/sleaze wasn't up to its old numbers either. It was a weird 70's urban, gritty but pretty business going on which was nice because it had hints of the old Dolce with a little leftover spirit from last season's beautiful collection. I thought this dress was really lovely. Unfortunately it is being overshadowed by the ridiculous Ricky leather hat, as well as the super glossy mirrored catwalk malarky. I love the way they paired it with a masculine leather belt and the nubby grey tights and chunky shoes. It says "yeah, I'm wearing a dress and heels but if it comes down to it, I have no problem kicking your ass".

You can totally see this on a 70's movie set in NYC, right? Back when Times Square wasn't a scary Capitalist Disneyworld, and was scary for other reasons. HA! I love the scarf tied around her neck. My mom and my grandma are really into scarves and I think they passed that on to me. Come summertime I'm usually wearing one as a headband or around my neck. They also showed the scarves tied around handbags which was cute.

I wasn't impressed by this at first and just kept clicking through the rest of the pictures. But it stayed in my brain and I had to come back to it. The shirt is kinda matronly, and the skirt is a big fuzzy mess, but I really really like it together. It's a bit lady-like gone mad.

And I guess somewhere in all of this, David Bowie was involved. I don't know how, since none of these clothes are even slightly-glam rock or from Mars. But there you go.

2. Pucci:

I need this coat. I really, really do. I don't even care about the fur. Just give it to me.

3. Fendi:

First two looks of the show. Awesome right? I love the first coat because it's like a modified blazer, and we all know by now how I feel about blazers. I love the way the white belt looks with it too. It's the new "Power Suit". Then the second coat, which reminded me a bit of monastic wear. The sleeves are absolutely amazing. So of course I had really high expectations from these 2 looks. And then it all went downhill into boringness. I hope Karl does me well at Chanel.

4. Luisa Beccaria:

So old school glamour, I love it. I would wear this to go to the opera, or you know, anytime after 5pm because I am not a farmer.*

Yes. I don't know when and I don't know where, so all I can say is. Yes. I love this.

5. Maurizio Pecoraro:

They didn't have detailed pictures on Style.com for this show, so I'm not entirely sure what this is made of, but the review did talk about "patchwork with individually tie-dyed squares of silk velvet", so I can only imagine how he achieved those glistening stars in the pieces. I love the petrol blue against the dark burgundy.

I am in love with this because of the color palette. The petrol blue, the plum and the brown? It's amazing! It's very fall-like, classic and sort of mysterious. This I will definitely try to incorporate into my wardrobe. Blue and brown is already my favorite combination, so adding purple (another favorite color of mine), should be no problem.

6. Versace:

I am a sucker for dresses with Architectural details. It's total va-va-voom on Carmen Kass (OMG, it's Carmen Kass!), but if you switch out the shoes and let down your hair, you can really take it anywhere.

Yay Angela Lindvall again! I love the effortless chic and awesomeness of this look. I am desperately seeking a cool leather jacket, unfortunately my wallet can only afford pleather, so that's not going to happen anytime soon. I love the layered knits under the jacket. Don't you think this is classic American sportswear turned on its head? The only weird thing is the belt, it looks like an Hermes belt. Obviously it's not, but uh, it's actually not that obvious.


*I couldn't help but quote Alec Baldwin from 30 Rock on this one. If you aren't watching that show, you need to get. on. it.

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