Milan Fall 08: Marni

I'm having a mixed reaction to this collection. There wasn't anything wrong with it necessarily, but maybe that's what the problem was. It seemed like a typical Marni collection, which isn't really a bad thing, because that means that there's a lot of really great pieces.

This was the second look down the runway. Very Marni, of course, but I think the checkered skirt here makes a different statement than what usually goes down the runway. But the skirt isn't what I'm in love with, it's everything else. The ruffled baby blue shirt is just too cool for words and I love the sleeve detail in the jacket.

So deliciously girly! And I usually shun girly, but this is total dressing room montage material for a 90's cool chick flick (think about it). I love the muted colors together and the crazy strong fur shoulder, which for some reason, I really find myself wanting.

Total nerd awesomeness. I've decided I'm going to make button down shirts my big thing this year. Wearing one with a beautiful ruffle cascading down the side would be too cool. The ruffle doesn't make it look pretty, it just makes it look bizarre. I like bizarre. The pants remind me of the 90's, I think it's the flat front and the slight masculine vibe.

So this look appears all of sudden. Totally out of place, right? Yet, I like it. I like where she was going with this. I thought that this might have been a much better starting point to the collection, because this is not a stereotypical Marni look. Yes, the attitude is there, but the volume in the jacket and the skirt aren't things that we've seen her do before. The prints and the colors are also much bolder than the rest of the looks shown. Weird, right?

I'm a sucker for a simple mod-ish dress with crazy details. It's sort of like a festive Communist uniform!

I really need to see something crazy from Marni next season, I mean there's nothing wrong with having a specific point of view, but she can play more with her ideas than she's been doing the last two seasons, I think. No resting on your laurels Consuelo!


the iron chic said...

I'm usually pretty ho-hum on Marni.
My friend is OBSESSED with all things Marni....never understood...

susie_bubble said...

I dunno... it's just Marni doing their Marni thing which is nice... but never amazing...

laia. said...

Yeah, it's definitely the same as always, except for that second to last look, which I really really thought would've made a much cooler starting point. But they had cuter stuff than in the last 2 seasons.