Milan Fall 08: Missoni

This Missoni collection was really great. It was experimental without veering into totally weird and a little retro without being costume-y. I loved the palette of almost washed out colors and the variety of silhouettes. I would definitely wear all of these in real life.

Very, very retro. The combination of colors is delicious.

OK, so I don't really need a fur skirt, but I couldn't deny that I thought this was a pretty cool dress. Notice the return of the Prada bi-color socks from Fall 07 in the shape of gloves.

It's like a giant ribbon you tie around your body to make a shirt! How could I not love it?

Very young, madcap glamour. Again, I'm not a fan of the fur, but this one is too cool. It gives the yellow knit dress, the perfect touch of Upper East Side bizarre.

Simple, easy, chic. The combination of colors is perfect, the relaxed attitude is icing on the cake.

So decadent and decayed! Oh, I love everything about this dress. The puffy sleeves are super rad and I love the way that the dress feels like its peeling an outer layer or something. This dress would surely land Kirsten Dunst in the worst dressed list, but only because they wouldn't get it. (And couldn't you see her wearing this dress?)

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