NYC Fall 08: Chris Benz

So I love Chris Benz. I want to wear his clothes everyday. I want to wear bright colors everyday, and crazy shoes, and be sophisticated and sort of geeky. I want to have a devil may care attitude, just like his girls do. I am in love.

Chris showed the models in a living setting just like last season, but Style.com had individual pictures of the clothes, which I thought was cool. Because his clothes are great and it's hard to see what someone is wearing when they are sitting down. Anywho, I really love the combination of all the different peaches in here. The pants are the perfect color and I think they are just the right amount of slouchy to be sexy.

I'm not crazy about fur but oh. my. god. This coat is gorgeous! It's like a cloud that can keep you warm! And the shoes!!! Ah! I am totally in love with men style lace up shoes or what have you, and these are just what my feet need.

The combination of that bright yellow with the mustards is great. Chris has a knack for color unlike anyone else I've seen. I love the relaxed attitude of it so much and that she's sort of a feminine tomboy. Is that even possible? Those are supposed to be mutually exclusive things right? Not anymore.

Need this now.

I am totally on board the Chris Benz train. Can't wait to see what some of this stuff looks like in real life. And on a related note, if any of you reading know where I can get my hands on a pair of Chris Benz' shoes for Spring (I believe he made them in collaboration with Louboutin), please let me know. I really need a pair.

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