NYC Fall 08 II

1. Jason Wu:

This is so sophisticated and luxurious, but it has a young feel to it at the same time. The skirt is really great.

If you ignore the unfortunate styling choices of gloves and sandals, you can really see how beautiful this dress is. It feels very old, and vintage, like something your grandmther would've worn to a fabulous ball, and now you get to wear it and treasure it and pass it on to your daughter. The dusty color palette is beautiful.

2. Katy Rodriguez:

This was a really fun collection. I loved the matching tights and shoes because they remind me of the way my mom used to dress in the 80's. She had a purple pair of tights that she always wore with purple suede pumps and I just loved the way it looked. I wtih she would've don a variation on colors, but it's ok. The first look is awesome, a little wacky, but totally doable in real life. The second look is futuristic and so strong it could be a little costume-y, but the right girl would totally pull it off. I really didn't like the way it looked with the orange tights and shoes though, I think a bare leg or sheer black hosiery would do the trick.

3. Yigal Azrouël:

Brown and yellow is a really great combination of colors if you can get the ride shades and he did it. I am completely in love with this dress. I love the jacket too, because it's one of those things that you just throw on and go, careless glamour, if you will. This was the first look in the show and I think it was a great selection, Elsa Sylvan (the model), looks so tough and young, which aren't adjectives I necessarily associate with Yigal, so it definitely made people stop and pay attention.

I really love the sense of accidental or careless chic. You know? Like you need to get dressed up for a night out yet you manage to look like you just threw all these clothes on and they magically turned you into a va-va-voom kind of girl. This is basically a tank top layered under a t-shirt worn with a high waisted sequined skirt, yet it's absolutely luxurious.

This dress follows that same feeling of careless chic. It has the relaxed feel of your most favorite t-shirt without being a t-shirt at all. How many gowns have you seen that can convey that feeling?

4. Rachel Comey:

Wow. I really loved this collection. I would probably wear most of the pieces she showed. It reminded me a bit of Luella Bartley, but only as a kindred spirit. The prints, the suits, even the shoes had me completely head over heels. It's sort of awkward, but I think therein lies its charm.

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