NYC Fall 08 IV

1. Jonathan Saunders:

This collection wasn't what I was expecting at all. I know I keep saying that and the truth is, I'm really glad that the designers I really like are constantly changing and don't rest on the laurels of previous successes. Although the bright colors were missing from the runway, the collection was unmistakably Saunders. I actually quite liked the palette of mostly camels and whites and of course the way he manipulated the fabric. (Camel is the new black for fall. I always wanted to say something like that, Diana Vreeland would be so proud of me). The look that Liya Kebede is wearing is so dignified yet business chic, I would wear it in the modern remake of Working Girl, except I'd be Sigourney Weaver and not a bitch.

2. Betsey Johnson:

Obviously, I am not advocating that people wear this in real life. But you know what? I really like Grease, and that outfit that Sandy wears at the end with her leather jacket, ridiculously tight, high waisted shiny pants and Candie's is awesome. And this is a cooler version of that outfit, and just one time in my life I would like to wear this, take a drag of a cigarrette, put it out on the floor with my heel and say "Tell me about it, Stud."

3. Carolina Herrera:

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful fall colors. I can't even write about it. Olga Sherer is rocking this dress and that little hat looks just perfect. It's all about the colors, right?

4. Catherine Malandrino:

I love this, the notes on Style.com said that it was inspired by sculptures, but this sort of looks like what all the cool ladies that lived and worked at the Bauhaus would wear. I don't know why I feel that way, I just looked at it and that's the first thought that came to mind. And I love the Bauhaus.

5. Malo:

This whole collection sort of derivative from things we've seen at Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler in the past seasons, there weren't any straight up copies, but it just didn't seem very original. Although this reminds me of something from Marc's recent collections, I still fell in love with it. It's kind of ugly but in a good way, and i love the contrast of the different knits with the opaque black tights and the white shoes.

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