NYC Fall 08: Proenza Schouler

Holy shit guys, let's talk about Proenza Schouler. What a ridiculously amazing collection. I don't know how they do it, but they are definitely one of, if not the most creative and innovative designers in the city. Their collections are always good, but I feel like they are at their best designing fall collections; and boy they did not disappoint. Alright, enough with me gushing like a tw=een girl at a Backstreet Boys concert (haha, remember the 90's?), anywho, let's get this started.

This opened the show. Wow. The color is absolutely gorgeous and I love the sort of fly-away layers.

The color doesn't look as good as in real life, but I'm sure it's a deep aquamarine with hints of green. Oh, I'm dying over it. They used the big bows at the neck (or pussy bows, like they call them in England, which always makes me giggle because I have the sense of humor of a 12 yr old boy, but I digress), throughout the collection and they somehow didn't look too secretary or too weird lolita. They were just cool.

Oh. This right here. This is what I want to look like everyday. That is the most gorgeous color blue. Oh the big-easy blouse and the slouchy pants, which are totally going to be the thing for fall, are just too much. I am on this like beans on rice.

This is sort of dark and brooding but it's so elegant it immediately takes goth out of the equation. That jacket is something to behold. And I love that they paired it with bright pink suede pumps. I usually enjoy making my shoes clash a little with the rest of my outfit; just like this.

Another beautifully constructed jacket with the slouchy pant. I love the mix of the blues with the sequins with the weird almost military green jacket. It's so chic, yet effortless. I am seriously drooling over here.

The new coccoon coat. In the new perfect shade of green. This is beyond words.

I love this because it seems she just threw on a bunch of stuff and ran on the runway, but everything looks great together.The extra long sleeves under the jacket really catch a certain spirit about the clothes. The jacket is absolutely gorgeous and I have a feeling that it's going to be seen a lot of people and eventually end up at Forever 21. Maybe not, I mean, Proenza doesn't get ripped off much, which is great, but you know, just a thought.

The biggest pussy bow of them all and she looks slightly rebellious and subversive. How they achieved that, I don't know.

I think this is their best collection to date. It's truly, truly awe inspiring.

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