NYC Fall 08: Vera Wang

Lately I have found myself looking forward to Vera Wang's collections. She is definitely doing something different than most American designers. Her clothes always ooze luxury, but also a level of exoticism, avant-garde and a strong point of view. This season was no different.

This look opened the show, which I think just really tells you that this is not your usual Vera outing. The look works because it's a really cool combination of materials, but also because Freja gives this look a dose of attitude that no other model could've provided.

Vera's version of casual is so chic. The colors in this are amazing, and I have a feeling that the pumpkin-rust color is going to be very big in the fall. The layering also adds a touch of relaxed, unfussy attitude and the necklace takes it uptown with a healthy dose of sparkle. I also really loved the styling in this show, the crazy curls add a really carefree vibe to the clothes.

I love the controlled-chaos sense of this dress. This collection is all about effortless glamour, and I think the necklace is a perfect example of that.

This is SO decadent! But it feels like antique decadence, like a fabulous dress found in the back of your grandmother's closet.

I love the way she does silver, it's luxe but it also looks aged and murky. It has the same feeling as the gold dress above.

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